Pizza Blanket

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Yummy & Funny Blankets

Thick, soft, and warm, this “Pizza Blanket” is not only deliciously realistic but also practical. Made of 100% anti-pilling fleece, this blanket will make you feel warm like a pizza fresh out of the oven. Eat your favorite food while wrapped in it, too! A perfect Christmas gift for teenagers, family, and friends. 

Sizes (In Diameter):

XS: 37 in / 100 cm
S: 21 in / 125 cm
M: 59 in / 150 cm
L: 63 in / 160 cm
XL: 71 in / 180 cm
XXL: 81 in / 205 cm


  • Made 100% of ultra-soft, anti-pilling fleece.
  • Clear graphics printed using sublimation printing so that the graphics will never fade out of the material.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Machine wash safe. Ensure to wash in cold water and do not iron or dry clean the blanket.
  • Perfect for people of all ages.

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