Soft Fleece Blanket

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Are you in search of the perfect cozy blanket for those chilly winter nights? Something warm yet tasteful? Well, we got you covered!

Our lightweight and fluffy “Soft Fleece Blanket” is the perfect blend between cozy and stylish. Not only does it make for a great blanket to snuggle up with, it’s also a staple and decorative piece for your bedroom and home.

Soft, gentle, and warm, this blanket serves as a great heartfelt home décor piece.

Size: 31.5 x 47 in / 80 x 120 cm

Materials & Care

  • Do not wash the blanket in a washing machine. The temperature, friction, and water will cause the fibers to melt and thus lose its amazing softness and appearance.
  • If a spill or stain occurs, clean it immediately. This can be done by using cold water and gentle liquid soap. We recommend submerging the stained area in a bowl of cold soap water for 10 minutes. Do not put the entire blanket underwater as it will become very heavy. After 10 minutes take the stained area out and give it a gentle squeeze. Repeat until the stain is out. Do not aggressively try to rub the stain out as it might damage the fibers in the area.
  • Made with warm & durable polyester faux fur.

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